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"Go and make disciples..." Matthew 28:19




2019 was a busy year. January found me in Orlando, Florida attending the School of Evangelism at Christ For all Nations headquarters. I came away spiritually on fire as Reinhard Bonnke, himself and others, encouraged us to evangelize the world.

In April, I became interim pastor of the Innisdale United Brethern Church in Alexandria, Indiana. This lasted a few months and I greatly enjoyed the experience of pastoring again.

In May, Bishop William Jenkins, and his wife Sherry, blessed us as we hosted the Northern Indiana Kingsway Conference.

In June, my team returned to Kenya accompanied by my grandson, Patrick. Our host Pastor Jackson Koech arranged four conferences. We planted a church in the village of Kimilili near Mt Elgon with Pastors Samwel and Dan, preached at Kebona for Pastor Wycliff, held a meeting in Kapsabet and encouraged the believers at Mosoecheo with Pastor Joseph where at least twenty-five people accepted Jesus one Sunday morning.

In October, I drove to Louisville, Kentucky for the 51st annual Kingsway Fellowship International Convention. It was an exciting time as nearly three hundred ministers from five continents gathered together to be refreshed and encouraged to carry the Gospel message to the ends of the earth.

My newest book, titled Carry Your Own Toilet Paper, is nearly finished. It is a manual to prepare people who want to participate in short term missions. Maybe they can avoid some of the misfortunes that have befallen me.

In 2019 WORLDNET sent over $6,000.00 to other ministries around the world. $2,400.00 went to El Shaddai Bible Institute and Orphanage in Kenya to drill a water well and help support the fifteen orphans in the school’s care. We are also aiding works in India, Russia, Uganda, Scotland, and others.

What about 2020?

Our plans include returning to East Africa for more evangelism and discipleship conferences. This year I, also, hope to travel to Mexico, China, and the Philippines. I have asked the Lord for additional funding. First, to help provide for the orphans in Africa. Second, to allow me and my companions to cover the expense of our journeys. This is an ambitious agenda that can only succeed with God’s approval. Will you prayerfully consider helping us with donations to accomplish these goals. Fifty dollars a month will provide food, clothing, shelter, and school for an orphan child. $3,000.00 will finish the work on the water well. Any other donations will help us with our travels.

Thank you for your help and prayers

Tom McCarroll


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